What if you could read faster while improving your retention?

What if your brain was wired to be able to learn much better than you have ever done?

Learning is a skill that we apply every day, consciously or not. And so ‘learning how to learn’ will not just help you reach your targets and goals, but also revolutionise how you approach information, and life.

Is Genius by Choice the book for you?

Yes, if… become distracted while reading repeat things over and over again to memorise them feel nervous before an exam or a meeting wish you could read faster, or wish you could learn more effectively in general

By applying the tools and techniques in this profound
yet potent companion, you will find yourself:

Studying books and enhancing your career
• Speaking a new language in a month or two
Reading more books and enriching your mind
• Learning new skills and undertaking new projects
Excelling at exams (academically and professionally)
Presenting confidently, leading others to take action

So, if you are ready to fire up the engine of your mind, then come on board and fasten your seatbelt!

About Giulia S. Remondino

Giulia S. Remondino is an Italian expat based in London. She is the founder of Genius in 21 Days UK, having trained as an Instructor in Italy.

Since coming to London in 2016, she has trained hundreds of people, sharing her knowledge and expertise on how to unlock the potential of our mind.

She has finally decided to assemble some of her secrets for everyone to enjoy and use to be immediately more successful. To get in touch with her, use the form below.

Using only the tools she will share with you in this book, she has acquired fluency in two new languages and now runs businesses on three continents.

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